GMail had a bad case of the phishers.

GMail base case of the spammers

About 1 million GMail users were subject to a very clever phishing campaign last week. “What’s phishing?” I hear you ask. It’s basically an e-mail that persuades you to take an action, which ends up compromising you in some way. In this case, you receive an e-mail with an apparent Google Docs attachment. If you follow…

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Really – Don’t open that Word attachment! It is malware.

Word malware

It was reported over last weekend that there was a Microsoft Word vulnerability that allowed a type of Word malware (malicious software) to infect a persons PC/Laptop simply by opening the document. Even having macros disabled would not protect the victim. So what happens?

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Evil e-mail has your name and address!

Evil e-mail

Reports today are somewhat concerning. Below are two examples of evil e-mail that has been doing the rounds in the last day or so. The greeting addresses you by your first/given name and the file that is attached to the e-mail is called after your surname. The postal address shown IS also your address. I’ll…

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Scary new way to have your GMail password and account stolen.

This is an incredibly easy way for the evil doers to steal your GMail ID and GMail password. This one could even catch out security people like me! ? So what happens is you receive an e-mail from somebody you know, who also had a GMail (note the emphasis on had). 

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Facebook Messenger scam … it’s nothing new, but it’s still effective.

I’ve seen evidence of this scam occurring amongst my Facebook friends this Christmas. It’s a straightforward phishing scam, where one of your friends sends you a Facebook Message with an apparent link to a video of you. Sometimes they might ask “Is this you?” or tell you to go a specific point in the video…

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Could the attempted theft of €4.3m from Meath County Council happen to your business?

As was widely reported at the weekend, Meath County Council were the victim of an attempted theft of some €4.3 million. A lot of the reportage was pointing to hackers and this being a cyber attack, but based on what is known, in my opinion, it’s not really. This attempted theft was facilitated by the…

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Don’t ignore that e-mail from

Lynda Hacked

I received two e-mails in recent days from online training provider customer care, this is because I have had two accounts with in the past. Both were set-up when they had a 30 day free trial offer, which I made use of. I’m one of the 9.5 million customers/former customers of who have…

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Yahoo! tries for new world record and wins … but it already had the world record!

You all heard the headlines during the year about the massive Yahoo! hack, where in late 2014, hackers had stolen the names, addresses, mobile telephone numbers, dates of birth, security questions and passwords of 500+ million accounts. This was a new world record for the amount of user accounts stolen on the internet. Well bless…

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There is a lot of variations in scam e-mail the last couple of days.

E-Mail Scam

I yearn for the days when evil e-mail was so easily identified “becuse it wuz ritten in, gud, inglish wit grate spellhng an pun.tation”. ? In the last couple of days, the evil doers have been varying their scam e-mails fairly wildly and it’s bound to catch out some people. I’ll run through three sneaky methods…

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Repeat after me … Microsoft do NOT e-mail out system updates! It’s Fantom Ransomware.

Fantom Ransomware

More evil e-mail is coming to scramble all the files on your computer and then demand you to pay your hard earned cash in order to get back access to same. In other words you are being held to Ransom and so we get the term Ransom Software or Ransomware for short and this new…

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Don’t open that Voicemail!

Evil voicemail e-mail

The evil doers are up to their old tricks, trying to hoodwink people into opening up their dastardly files and execute their nasty contents.  Usually they send files that claim to be invoices or bank statements, which will normally catch out a small percentage of their targeted group – accountants in this case, because accountants…

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Phishing by spreadsheet?

Evil spreadsheet phishing attempt

So you receive an unexpected e-mail from a stranger, with the subject of “Important Notice” and it contains an attachment. If you’ve received L2 Cyber Security Solutions Security Awareness Training, then you consign this phishing e-mail to junk/spam and move on with your life. However, if you do open the file, you get what looks…

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Sneaky Facebook phishing attack.

Phishing Subject Lines

I became aware of this really sneaky attempt by hackers to steal people’s Facebook ID and password recently. This is known as phishing and it’s quite clever and I must admit that I could quite easily have fallen victim to it, had I not read the article. I’ve put a link to the full article…

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Internet Security Awareness and Safety Training

Security Awareness Training

Justification: Did you know that malicious software gets past commercial, enterprise grade anti-virus and e-mail filtering products on a worryingly regular basis? Firewalls and Anti-virus packages lure people into a false sense of security. While they do provide protection up to a point, if somebody opens an e-mail attachment that contains new malicious software, these…

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