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Cybersecurity Consulting

Not all hackers are outsiders. Those that can be hardest to detect are the ones who already have access to your systems. They may not be doing anything malicious, but they could be a foothold that criminals need to get into your IT environment.

Before you say "I'm a small business. Nobody would be interested in my data." think for a minute. Do you have any big clients that you have access to their systems? If you do, that access might be exactly what the evil doers are looking for.

We offer a free one hour confidential discussion by phone or online video chat in which we can assess with you, the risks that face your organisation. We can also provide a high-level plan to address those risks.

Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Periodic user ID access and privilege reviews
  • IT Infrastructure security & access review
  • Security policy development
  • Endpoint security review
  • Risk identification and mitigation planning

You should also check our training offerings.

We can work with you to implement the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Top-20 Security Controls for effective Cyber Defence.

We are also proud members of Cyber Ireland, Ireland's only Cyber Security Cluster.

Data Protection (GDPR) Consulting

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has set a new global standard for Data Protection.

All organisations that process Personal Data of EU residents must comply. We are here to help you to achieve that compliance. 

We offer a free one hour confidential discussion by phone or online video chat in which we can assess with you, your current compliance level and then provide a high-level plan to address any gaps identified.

Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Complete a full GDPR audit.
  • Develop data protection policies
  • Create procedures for handling data subject's rights, data breaches, etc.
  • Implement required documentation, such as records of processing activities

Check the GDPR section of our website for useful information. You should also check our training offerings.

We were also proud ambassadors for the not-for-profit Irish GDPR Awareness Coalition when it was in operation up until the end of May 2018.

Business Resiliency

Are you prepared to continue your business after a fire or flood?

Do your staff know what to do?

What if you were unavailable in such an event?

Have you any key staff? Could you continue if they were hospitalised unexpectedly?

Could you handle the impact of a global pandemic?

We offer a free one hour confidential discussion by phone or online video chat in which we can assess with you, your current preparedness and then provide a high-level plan to address any gaps identified.

We can help businesses of all sizes prepare for the worst by developing:

  • Business Impact Assessments (BIA)
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plans (ITDRP)
  • Design a non-disruptive desktop/scenario testing exercise
  • Design a full business continuity exercise

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Sinead Jones

CEO, Mulcair Credit Union, Newport, Co. Tipperary.

Very comprehensive course, covering a lot of I.T. security areas such as phishing, malware and social engineering. The material was delivered in a simple and easy to comprehend manner and staff of all I.T. skill levels were accommodated.  The team found the information was not only beneficial for their day to day credit union activities but also in their personal use of the internet at home.  We would recommend this course to any credit union wishing to continue the education of their staff members in the prevention of system breaches.

Denise O'Brien

Business Owner, O'Brien Learning Solutions

I have found Liam's approach to cyber security fascinating, easy to understand and apply. Liam has a way of explaining security issues that are non technical, and therefore which can be understood by people without an IT background very easily. I found Liam's presentation style to be professional, yet friendly - always available to take queries during and after the session, and always remained in control of the session and how it ran according to the time allotted. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liam for in-house cyber security consultations, training and presentations.

Declan Hughes

CEO - Fly Cruise Stay (Fly High, Pay Low) ™

I was very fortunate this morning to learn all about the upcoming changes in Data Protection legislation (GDPR) from Liam Lynch of L2 Cyber Security Solutions. This man is an oracle of information with regard to same, not to mention cyber security prevention and protection. Thanks Liam. 

Fly Cruise Stay (Fly High Pay Low) ™

Valerie Murphy

CEO - Valerie's Breast Care & 2018 President, Network Ireland, Limerick

A huge thank you to Liam from all of us at Network Ireland Limerick for delivering a talk to us on GDPR. Liam made the subject not just interesting but easily understood. Personally this has stood to me in my own business. I also have been able to pick up the phone to Liam since our course and get advice from him on the subject. He is a genuinely nice guy who cares about his clients. Everyone should take his GDPR course. It's when something comes up that you realise how important it is. Thanks again Liam, Highly recommend your service.

Valerie's Breast Care

Michelle B. Harding

Mentoring Client of L2 Cyber Security Solutions

Liam Lynch made quite an impression on me. His passion for his subject is infectious. Every business owner should consider Liam as a valuable member of it's extended team, mentoring and advising on Cyber security training for all staff. Liam uses very simple language which can be understood by all employees no matter what level . His courses are very comprehensive and worthwhile for all business owners in advance of GDPR. I felt very reassured after being shown a number of easy steps on how to keep a defensive line against any future malware attacks. Your business could have the best Cyber security solution in place , however it's a well known fact that your own staff are your biggest threat. With adequate, up to date training, your risks are substantially reduced. Liam has a warm, humorous way of delivering his courses which makes a "Scary Subject" manageable and puts it all into perspective! 

Carmel O'Connor

Youth Project Manager, Talk About Youth Project

I had the good fortune to participate in, not one but two GDPR courses, run recently by Liam Lynch, firstly in CDYSB and the second time in St Andrew’s Resource centre, in Pearse Street, Dublin 2, where I work.

GDPR is a minefield of jargon, technical data, policies and “legal eagle” speak. However the maestro himself Liam, has produced and delivered a course which delivers almost everything you want to know about GDPR, in plain, simple English, along with plenty of anecdotes.

The objectives of the course are clearly laid out and you are brought through a nice easy going journey though data audits, personal and sensitive data definitions, legislation, principles, individual and business’s obligations, consent, liabilities and penalties and a myriad of other areas.

Liam’s easy going and gentle manner is a huge plus. Highly recommend this course. 

About Us

My name is Liam Lynch and I founded L2 Cyber Security Solutions in January 2016. I have over 30 years of experience working in IT. I found I had an inherent ability when it comes to security, both physical and digital. To paraphrase Cole Sear, the child in the movie The Sixth Sense, “I see Data Breaches!"

I live to the maxim #SecuritySimplified, as I can talk to people of any level in plain, simple English. Even technical, scary subjects such as Cyber Security and boring, legal topics like GDPR are delivered in a common, easy to follow language. I also use humour to make the training fun and interesting.

The background image here, is of my three dogs enjoying a walk with me around the hills of Tipperary.

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