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Free GDPR talk is available

Free GDPR awareness talk available.

Each week during August, September and October 2017, L2 Cyber Security Solutions are offering one Free GDPR awareness talk, lasting up to an hour. This talk on the General Data Protection Regulation is available for any company, networking group, association, or sports and social club in the Mid-West of Ireland. We will give a high-level…

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GDPR Awareness Coalition

GDPR Awareness Coalition & L2 Cyber Security Solutions working together.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Awareness Coalition is a not-for-profit, fixed-term initiative designed to assist in raising awareness of the data privacy obligations for companies resulting from the implementation of the GDPR. The GDPR is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European…

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The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of Cyber Security

The Ten Commandments of Cyber Security Click on the links for a summary and detail of each commandment. Thou shalt keep all of thy software and apps up-to-date with automatic updates. Thou shalt have Anti-virus software installed, updated and active. Thou shalt have a firewall in place on thine Desktop/Laptop as well as thine internet…

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Our Services

You can reduce the risk of a cyber attack by protecting your most valuable asset - YOUR STAFF!",

Security Awareness & Internet Safety Training


  •         Give a good understanding of the company security policies.
  •         The importance of passwords and how to create easily remembered, but unique passwords and a discussion on password managers.
  •         To understand the various terms, e.g. Viruses, Ransomware, Spam, Phishing, Malvertising, Clickbait, etc.
  •         Mobile device security practices, including encryption of data.
  •         Importance of keeping software up-to-date and data backed up.
  •         To be able to identify fraudulent emails.
  •         To understand what ‘social engineering’ is and how it is used to compromise security.
  •         Good security practices when working out of the office, including safe use of Wi-Fi.
  •         Safe use of Social Network sites.

    Your staff are probably your most valuable asset. However they may also be the biggest weakness to your IT and information security. According to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report, bad software, known as Malware, can get inside an organisation through e-mail attachments (34%), e-mail links (21%) or by clicking on a dodgy website link (33%). You may have technical solutions to prevent the e-mail borne infection from reaching your staff, but if they can access mainstream websites, they may inadvertently click on a poisoned advertisement.

        "A number of major news websites have seen adverts hijacked by a malicious campaign that attempts to install “ransomware” on users computers, according to a warning from Security researchers Malwarebytes.    The attack, which was targeted at US users, hit websites including the New York Times, the BBC, AOL and the NFL over the weekend. Combined, the targeted sites have traffic in the billions of visitors."

        Source: The Guardian On-line, 16th March 2016.

    So it is possible for your staff to accidentally give away confidential company information, and put the data at risk by not taking the appropriate precautions.

    Our Staff Security Awareness Training endeavours to make the staff aware of the various risks in a jargon-free, practical and appealing way and ultimately form a ‘security aware culture’ within your business. This training would also benefit the staff by making them aware of being safe when using the internet at home.

    L2 Cyber Security Solutions will work with you to ensure we incorporate your policies into the Staff Security Awareness Training we deliver. If you do not have policies (e.g.- an Acceptable Use Policy or E-mail Policy), we can work with you to develop them.

    This training will cover a range of topics in a few hours. It can also be included in a new employee  on-boarding/induction programme. This is a good investment if you consider the cost of the training, to the impact of lost productivity when security is breached.

        “Cybercrime climbs to 2nd most reported economic crime affecting organisations.”

        Source: PWC Global Economic Crime Survey 2016
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Do you store information about people (name, address, etc.)? If so, is your business prepared for the incoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)? This is the new law that the EU is imposing on businesses across the world. The regulation becomes law on 25th May 2018 and you need to be prepared for the more onerous requirements to protect people's privacy that are set out in the law. We can help guide you through ensuring that you are compliant with this new regulation.

We have lots of useful information on our GDPR page.

We are also proud to be one of the more than 100 partners of the Irish GDPR Awareness Coalition.

Security Risk Assessment

Not all hackers are outsiders. Those that can be hardest to detect are the ones who already have access to your systems.

“Although insider threat actors tend to be less frequent than their external counterparts are, we readily admit they make up some of the most interesting cases. Insider related data breaches involve threat actors with some level of trust and privilege causing the data breach

through malicious intent.”

Source: Verizon Data Breach Digest 2016.

L2 Cyber Security Solutions can carry out an assessment of your overall security posture to identify any weaknesses and recommend further controls to remediate these.

We can offer assistance with the following:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • IT Infrastructure security and access review
  • Server auditing set-up (to enforce IT security policy)
  • Endpoint security review
  • Server incident and event logging and monitoring
  • Periodic user ID access and privilege reviews
  • Risk identification and mitigation planning
  • Security policy development

We can work with you to implement the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Top-20 Security Controls for effective Cyber Defence.

Business Continuity Planning and IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Have you considered what the impact of a fire or a flood at your premises would have on the operation of your business? You may have, but do your staff know what to do? What if you were unavailable in such an event? Have you any key staff that are the only person responsible for a critical function? Could you continue if they were hospitalised unexpectedly?

We can help businesses of all sizes carry out a simple and straightforward Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and then develop a Business Continuity Plan.

"In 2014, 53% of respondents had invoked their BCP at least once, 11% had done so more than five times. Natural Disaster/Extreme Weather causing activations were notified by 69% of respondents, with IT Failure at 49% and Power Outages at 48%."

Source: 2014 Forrester Survey for the Disaster Recovery Journal

After the Business Continuity Plan is created, an IT Disaster Recovery Plan can be drafted to meet the requirements as determined by the Business. This will include an appropriate data backup and recovery strategy to meet your exacting needs.

We would then carry out desktop exercises, where we would apply various likely scenarios to the plans and see if they pass muster.


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Sinead Jones

CEO, Mulcair Credit Union, Newport, Co. Tipperary.

Very comprehensive course, covering a lot of I.T. security areas such as phishing, malware and social engineering. The material was delivered in a simple and easy to comprehend manner and staff of all I.T. skill levels were accommodated.  The team found the information was not only beneficial for their day to day credit union activities but also in their personal use of the internet at home.  We would recommend this course to any credit union wishing to continue the education of their staff members in the prevention of system breaches.

Denise O'Brien

Business Owner, O'Brien Learning Solutions

I have found Liam's approach to cyber security fascinating, easy to understand and apply. Liam has a way of explaining security issues that are non technical, and therefore which can be understood by people without an IT background very easily. I found Liam's presentation style to be professional, yet friendly - always available to take queries during and after the session, and always remained in control of the session and how it ran according to the time allotted. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liam for in-house cyber security consultations, training and presentations.

Declan Hughes

CEO - Fly Cruise Stay (Fly High, Pay Low) ™

I was very fortunate this morning to learn all about the upcoming changes in Data Protection legislation (GDPR) from Liam Lynch of L2 Cyber Security Solutions. This man is an oracle of information with regard to same, not to mention cyber security prevention and protection. Thanks Liam. 

Fly Cruise Stay (Fly High Pay Low) ™

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We are an Irish IT Security Consultancy, founded in 2016. We have over 27 years of experience working in IT. Our founder, Liam Lynch, has an inherent ability when it comes to security, both physical and digital. It can be best described by altering the catchphrase of Cole Sear, the child in the movie The Sixth Sense, “I see security!"

Liam has worked with a number of companies over the years. From small operations to large corporations. He found that, in spite of massive expenditure on technological security solutions, these can all be thwarted by "Fred" in accounting opening an “invoice” (i.e. evil software) in an e-mail which has sneaked past all of the filters, firewalls and anti-virus.

Liam thought there had to be a better way, as he would be very unlikely to fall for such a scam. After all he's not paranoid … he knows they are all out to get him! He knows what the threats are out there and how to spot them and protect himself from them. So he spent months working on developing the most comprehensive Security Awareness and Internet Safety Training on the market. He can relate this knowledge to people of any ability and get them to learn how they can protect themselves, the businesses they work for and their families.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Albert Einstein

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