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Take a 2-Minute Privacy check-up.

2 Minute Privacy Check-up

After last week’s brief shenanigans with GMail getting phished badly and the recommendation I made about how to help correct and protect yourself from that nasty piece of work, I went ahead and did something I had not done in some time. A privacy check-up and there is also a security or account check-up available too.

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Here is a worrying aspect of the Yahoo breach.

Everyone has heard about the personal information related to 500 million Yahoo accounts being stolen from Yahoo in 2014. There’s lots of helpful tips out there (and some here too), but some people may not realise that they have a Yahoo account. Yahoo provides e-mail services to some big internet service providers (ISPs), over in…

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Sneaky Facebook phishing attack.

Phishing Subject Lines

I became aware of this really sneaky attempt by hackers to steal people’s Facebook ID and password recently. This is known as phishing and it’s quite clever and I must admit that I could quite easily have fallen victim to it, had I not read the article. I’ve put a link to the full article…

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