Overwhelming attack sets new record.

Overwhelming attack

An overwhelming attack on a customer of a US service provider a few days ago has set a new record for the sheer volume of data used in the attack. 

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Review of my 2017 predictions.

2017 Predictions

I don’t see many people who make predictions for the coming year actually come back to review what they predicted. I’m not one of those though, so here is my review. I’ve included the original text below in blue, but the full article for my 2017 predictions is here.

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Quad9 – Safer addressing on the internet

Quad9 Safer Addressing

I sometimes grow weary of the never ending stories of the bad guys being successful. Quad9 is a free Domain Name Service (DNS) from the good guys that should make life safer for everyone. 

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Company that makes smart Teddy Bear’s leaked data.

Evil Teddy Bear

It has just been reported that up to 800,000 people who owned a Smart Teddy bear made by Spiral Toys, under the CloudPets banner have had their account data stolen by hackers. Now this blog is about this particular toy, but this could easily apply to other types of “smart toy” so do read on.…

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The Internet of Evil Things continues to grow.

The first time I saw that picture of the Dr. Evil meme, I never thought that it might be possible for the numbers to reach those nonsensical values, but if Internet connected brooms are in our future (see below), we might be in serious trouble, if the manufacturers of such devices keep ignoring the need…

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Details emerge about the huge internet attack last Friday.

Attack of the IoT devices

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the internet attack in the US last Friday, where sites such as Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, PayPal and Netflix (amongst others) were taken offline (effectively). This was done by what is called a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack and it targeted a company called Dyn, which provides all of…

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Have you any smart internet connected IoT devices in your home?

If so, you may be an unwilling accomplice to the evil doers who are attempting to disrupt the internet. Do you have any one or more of the following Internet of Things – IoT devices which you can access from outside the home, over the internet: Security Cameras or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) Baby monitor…

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