Don’t open that Voicemail!

The evil doers are up to their old tricks, trying to hoodwink people into opening up their dastardly files and execute their nasty contents. 

Usually they send files that claim to be invoices or bank statements, which will normally catch out a small percentage of their targeted group – accountants in this case, because accountants love opening invoices and bank statements, or so I’ve heard. 

So this new wheeze might catch out a hell of a lot more people, because everyone’s got a phone. Right? And the vast majority of phones have a voicemail facility. Right? 

So if you get an e-mail to say you’ve got a voicemail and for convenience, here it is attached to the e-mail, you’re probably thinking “This is great, I don’t have to pick up my phone to listen to this voicemail. I can just open it here.”

Well don’t! Just don’t! Take a closer look that that attachment name – ““. It’s a zip file and not a sound file. “But it might contain a sound file.” I hear you say. Nope. It contains a script file, which means it will execute commands on your machine, none of which are likely to be in your best interest.

Here is an example of one such e-mail:

So do, what we teach and delete this e-mail already.

And let’s be careful out there.

p.s.- I’ve worked with lots of accountants in my time and I have the greatest of respect for their profession. But they do love their invoices and bank statements.