Yahoo breach – Round 3 … Billion! ?

yahoo breach

If you had a Yahoo!, BT or Sky e-mail account (also AT&T, and Rogers) back in 2013, well you are definitely part of the latest and greatest Yahoo breach.

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Phishing subject lines – Top 10.

Phishing Subject Lines

What would you expect if you got an e-mail with the subject line of “Security Alert”? How about “Unusual sign-in activity”? You probably expect it to be an e-mail that is trying to raise your awareness about some potential security issue. I’m afraid it is likely not. These are just two examples from the Top…

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Don’t ignore that e-mail from

Lynda Hacked

I received two e-mails in recent days from online training provider¬† customer care, this is because I have had two accounts with in the past. Both were set-up when they had a 30 day free trial offer, which I made use of. I’m one of the 9.5 million customers/former customers of who have…

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Here is a worrying aspect of the Yahoo breach.

Everyone has heard about the personal information related to 500 million Yahoo accounts being stolen from Yahoo in 2014. There’s lots of helpful tips out there (and some here too), but some people may not realise that they have a Yahoo account. Yahoo provides e-mail services to some big internet service providers (ISPs), over in…

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Repeat after me … Microsoft do NOT e-mail out system updates! It’s Fantom Ransomware.

Fantom Ransomware

More evil e-mail is coming to scramble all the files on your computer and then demand you to pay your hard earned cash in order to get back access to same. In other words you are being held to Ransom and so we get the term Ransom Software or Ransomware for short and this new…

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Evil doers just being evil … news at 11!

Ranscam Ransomware deletes files

The good folk over at Cisco’s Talos Threat Intelligence Organisation have been looking at a new piece of “apparent” Ransomware called Ranscam. The reason I use “apparent” is because it doesn’t hold any of your data to ransom, quite simply because it’s deleted it already! That doesn’t stop it trying to get you to pay…

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Internet Security Awareness and Safety Training

Security Awareness Training

Justification: Did you know that malicious software gets past commercial, enterprise grade anti-virus and e-mail filtering products on a worryingly regular basis? Firewalls and Anti-virus packages lure people into a false sense of security. While they do provide protection up to a point, if somebody opens an e-mail attachment that contains new malicious software, these…

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