Evil doers just being evil … news at 11!

The good folk over at Cisco’s Talos Threat Intelligence Organisation have been looking at a new piece of “apparent” Ransomware called Ranscam.

The reason I use “apparent” is because it doesn’t hold any of your data to ransom, quite simply because it’s deleted it already! That doesn’t stop it trying to get you to pay them good money, and even if you did pay up, you’ll get nothing in return.

As we covered in Commandment IV of our Ten Commandments, if you have a good backup set up, then you need not concern yourself with whether Ransomware has or has not locked away your data. You simply wipe your equipment of the nasty malware and restore your data.
Ranscam isn’t too widely spread at the moment and Talos reckon it was cobbled together rather quickly to try to cash in on this Ransomware market.
You can read the Talos report here:
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