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What will 2018 bring?

will 2018 bring

So what will 2018 bring to us all in the areas of cyber security and data privacy/protection? I had a go at this predicting thing last year and you can see how I got on here.

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Review of my 2017 predictions.

2017 Predictions

I don’t see many people who make predictions for the coming year actually come back to review what they predicted. I’m not one of those though, so here is my review. I’ve included the original text below in blue, but the full article for my 2017 predictions is here.

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What will 2017 bring in Cyber Security?

5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2017 Lots of people do these type of lists, but since this is the end of my first year in business, I might as well be no different.😏 1. Ransomware levels will plateau, but constantly change This might be an easy one to get right. Ransomware is already embedded in…

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