#WeekendWisdom 029 Data Breach Investigations Report 2020

Welcome to #WeekendWisdom number 29. This week we’re going to talk about data breach investigations report 2020 from Verizon.

What was the data breach investigations report 2020 based on?

Every year Verizon, the large US telecommunications company, produces its data breach investigations report or DBIR. And in this they look at cyber security incidents that are reported by their customers all across the globe and they get into some great detail on these incidents. This year it’s based on 32,000 cyber security incidents, where there was nearly 4,000 data breaches involved.

So for big businesses, yeah?

So you might think, <sigh> this is a big business thing, it’s not for small companies. But 28% of the incidents of data breaches affected small businesses.

And you’ll be wondering why that might be? Well the greatest motivation for these data breaches was financial. They want money and that was 86% of the data breaches were financially motivated. So they just want money. They don’t care how big or small you are.

Anything else?

Some other interesting figures in there, while 70% were carried out by external actors, 30% were internal. So that could be maybe a disgruntled employee may have carried out the data breach or perhaps staff could have made mistakes. Which is possible because 22% of data breaches were as a result of a mistake being made.

So make sure your staff are properly trained in how to handle data, to protect it at all costs and if there is a breach, to report it appropriately and get it handled.

So that’s it for this week. Let’s be careful out there and we’ll talk to you again next week.

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