Upcoming Public Training Schedule

The following is the training schedule for publicly accessible courses or speaking events that are being provided by the team at L2 Cyber Security Solutions. Please click on the link to book your place.

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Malicious e-mail from Yahoo! breach.

malicious e-mail

I’ve received the first malicious e-mail as a result of a compromised Yahoo! e-mail account. I’ve warned the individual and hopefully he still has control of the account and can secure it again.

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Deloitte breach is very embarrassing.

deloitte breach

The Deloitte breach that was revealed by the Guardian last week was incredibly embarrassing for the firm. They have been named Gartner’s No. 1 Security Consultancy for 5 years in a row 😳.

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Draughty Backdoor in popular application.


It was revealed a couple of days ago that a widely used application had a backdoor in it. A specific version of CCleaner, a well known utility for doing housekeeping on computers, had been compromised by evil doers. 

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Data Breaches – what’s the risk to you?

data breaches clown

You probably keep hearing about data breaches. For example the AIB customer data breach that came out today. The recent Equifax data breach in the US (it’s only for Americans, so not your problem – or is it?).

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Pacemaker updates – they’re a thing now!?!?

Pacemaker updates

On August 23rd the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US approved the deployment of a software update for pacemakers made by St. Jude Medical.  This was to fix vulnerabilities discovered in 2016, which were patched by St. Jude Medical in January 2017. Actually, vulnerabilities in pacemakers have been around for quite a while,…

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Disaster Relief Charity Scam – watch out!

Disaster Relief Charity Scam

Disasters happen many times a year and huge disasters impacting the US that get massive coverage in the international media happen less frequently (Katrina 2005, Sandy 2012 and now Harvey 2017). What has also happened at all of these disasters is a vile crime. The Disaster Relief Charity Scam.

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PSC – What’s all the fuss about a little card?

PSC - Public Services Card

The Public Services Card (PSC) has become something of a “hot-button” topic in recent weeks. It’s been featuring on the national radio stations in the last week with plenty of discussion taking place. So in this post I’ll try to set out what is happening and why you may want to be concerned or not,…

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GDPR Glossary

GDPR Glossary

The following GDPR Glossary is a non-exhaustive list of terms related to the GDPR and what their meaning is. You can download this glossary here: GDPR-Glossary Accountability principle intended to ensure that controllers are more generally in control and in the position to ensure and demonstrate compliance with data protection principles in practice. Accountability requires that…

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Conducting a Data Audit

Data Audit

Here we show you what type of detail you need to gather in order to conduct a data audit. There is an accompanying appendix, which has templates to assist with the data audit. You can download this guide here: GDPR-03-Conducting a Data Audit and the appendix is available here GDPR-03-Data Audit Appendix Introduction: One of the first steps…

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Your receipt by e-mail. Is this OK?

Receipt or e-mail

I’ve noticed an upsurge in retailers asking me for my e-mail address, so they can send me a copy of my receipt. If that is all they are going to use it for, then that might be great because I will then have an electronic copy that I can keep and not have to worry…

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Free GDPR awareness talk available.

Free GDPR talk is available

Each week during August, September and October 2017, L2 Cyber Security Solutions are offering one Free GDPR awareness talk, lasting up to an hour. This talk on the General Data Protection Regulation is available for any company, networking group, association, or sports and social club in the Mid-West of Ireland. We will give a high-level…

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