eFlow text message scam.

My good friend Philipa Jane Farley shared a text message with me, which she received this morning. This eFlow text message scam might get through to your phone, so read on for more information.

The eFlow Text Message

The text message she received from “eFlow” was about an unpaid toll. eFlow is an Irish motorway toll operator. (narrator’s voice: It was not from eFlow 🙄).

The message reads:

eFlow: You have an outstanding fee of 6.32 EUR due from a journey made in 2022. Please pay now to avoid incurring any penalty charges via eflow-online-services[.]com

That link has been defanged, so you cannot click on it accidentally.

Scam eFlow text message with malicious link
If you click on the link, you will get taken to a very realistic and similar looking website, to the real eFlow one. This though, seems to have nothing to do with the unpaid toll. 🤔

eFlow scam website looking for you to change details.What do they want you to do?

They want you to update your details with them, including payment card. This is the type of thing that you can look out for. A site asking you for lots of personal data when you’ve clicked a link. eFlow already has your data, if you are a customer. They do not need you to go and type it all in again. No matter what excuse they make up. If this was really eFlow, they would have provided the details they already held on you!

eFlow scam website asking you to enter lots of personal details on the site.

What should I do?

I hope I say this enough. We really need to stop clicking on any link that might be included in text messages. There is just no decent reason to have links sent by text message. The criminals use them, because they tend to get passed a lot of spam filters. If this was sent by email or WhatsApp it would probably get thrown into the junk folder.

I think most of you that have seen previous posts from me, won’t fall victim to such a scam, but please do share this, so others will be aware of it.

If anybody has gone through with this update, please contact your bank’s fraud number immediately.

So there it is. An eFlow text message scam. Please don’t fall for it.

Let’s be careful out there.

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