#WeekendWisdom 072 Remote Control Scammers

Welcome to #WeekendWisdom number 72. This week we’re going to talk about Remote Control Scammers.

Where is this coming from?

Last weekend I was reading online some stories about people being scammed and also looking at some YouTube clips showing how some of these scams can operate. They had a very common theme with something that happened to a friend of mine on Monday who was very lucky and very nearly got scammed by a similar tactic.

What happened to my friend

My friend had been in contact with a company that apparently was doing some kind of investment opportunity and that there was an app available to be able to manage this investment. To set this thing up, the person from the company needed my friend to download a remote control application onto their phone, in order to assist with setting things up.

This is what remote control scammers want

Now this was the common theme with the other scams that I was reading about. People downloaded remote control software to their laptops or their phones.

Now no genuine, legitimate company is ever going to ask you to install remote control software to be able to set up an app. It just doesn’t happen. If somebody says to you “I want to install remote control software” end the conversation. Hang up. Don’t engage.

Maybe your IT support people use remote control for support

Now if you are in a corporate environment or maybe your company uses an outsourced IT managed service provider who gives you external support, they already might have remote control software on your machine. They won’t need to install it.

If anybody ever asks you to install remote control software, end the call. Do not engage. Do not install that software.

So that’s it for this week. Lets be careful out there and we’ll talk to you again next week.

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