#WeekendWisdom 019 Coronavirus Scams

Welcome to #WeekendWisdom Number 19. This week we’re going to talk about Coronavirus Scams.

Now that Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, people are going to be having a sense of fear, uncertainty and doubt all across the world about this and how it might affect them and their families, which is understandable.

So what type of Coronavirus Scams are there?

This is what the criminals are going to try now and exploit. The desire for people to get more and more information about Coronavirus. So they will send out lots and lots of emails to everybody with links or buttons that you need to click or there will be documents or PDFs attached to those emails.

And they will be encouraging you to open these by saying “important information here from the WHO” or your national health organisation. And they’re expecting you to click on those and these will then compromise your computer.

So don’t fall for these type of information scams. Your national health organisation will probably communicate with you through the normal national media. So get your news from reputable sources.

Anything else?

Also there might be attempts to scam people who are in a work from home situation and that they’re out of their usual zone and they’re communicating in slightly different ways with their colleagues.

So you might end up receiving an email from a colleague with some instruction maybe to make a payment or again open an attachment that might be compromised. This email will come maybe from a personal email account and not the normal corporate email account.

So if you get instructions like that in a work from home environment, call that colleague and verify the instruction is valid.

So that’s it for this week. Let’s be careful out there and we’ll talk to you again next week.