#WeekendWisdom 014 Have you been in a data breach

Welcome to weekend wisdom number 14. This week we’re going to talk about have you been in a data breach?

We’ve heard of companies having data breaches and losing people’s data. But how could you find out if you are included in some of the data breaches? There is a free site from a gentleman called Troy hunt from Australia and the site is called www.haveibeenpwned.com. “Pwned” is hacker-speak for “Owned” or compromised so “Have I been compromised .com” really.

So have you been in a data breach?

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click “Pwned?”

If it it comes up saying no pwnage found, happy days that email address is safe. It is not included in a data breach that Troy Hunt is aware of.

However if you input your email address and click “Pwned?” and it comes up “Oh no pwnage found”:

  1. Scroll down the web page
  2. It will show you what breaches you have been included in
  3. It will also show you what details have been lost in that data breach

So you are now aware of what information is out there in the wild.

Can I receive a warning if I have been in a data breach?

If you want to be notified, if you ever do come into a data breach in the future, from this website:

  1. You can click notify me
  2. Then click the I’m not a robot
  3. Click “please notify me of pwnage”
  4. Then you will be sent a verification email
  5. Once you click OK on that, then you will be registered with the site

So if that email address ever does come up in a data breach in future you will get notified.

So that’s it for this week let’s be careful out there we’ll talk to you again next week.