#WeekendWisdom 005 Secure New Technology

Welcome to #WeekendWisdom number 5. This week we’re going to talk about the need to Secure New Technology.

Secure New Technology

This is going out on “Black Friday”, so lots of people are going to be getting presents of new technology, new devices, software applications, etc. So you just want to try and set these up as securely as possible so you can use them safely going forward.

So the first item that can be checked is for passwords. If there is a password on the device or an application, there is probably a default password. Please change that to something more secure, something that you remember but that nobody else can guess. I will cover passwords in a deeper dive in a later session but change any default passwords as soon as possible.

The next one that might be available if your new service or device or application has two factor or multi-factor authentication you should activate that and that will give you really supreme security, preventing people from being able to get into your device or an application or service. I will cover that in more detail in a future post as well.

And finally if there are additional services or features available on the devices or applications that you don’t actually need, you should turn them off if they’re not required. For example if you get a new printer, the printer might come with some web printing facilities. So if you never intend to print while you’re outside of the home and have something printing at home, turn off the web print feature. It’s not needed and it will give you more security.

So that’s it for this week.

Let’s be careful out there and we’ll see you again next week.