#WeekendWisdom 002 Anti-Virus Software

Welcome to #WeekendWisdom number 2. This week we are going to talk about Anti-Virus software.

Some people wonder why they need anti-virus software and basically it’s there, it’s in the name, its needed to fight viruses from getting onto your machine.

So Windows does come with a built-in application called Windows defender and this is a very good anti-virus software that’s pre-built-in and freely available with Microsoft Windows. It is good, but it’s kinda clunky if you want to set up a regular scan you have to go through some hoops to get it working but it does the job.

Paid for anti-virus applications so would have an advantage over Windows Defender in that they do have good scheduling capabilities. Plus they might have additional features such as secure banking or some kind of ransomware protection. Now there’s no such thing as full, perfect ransomware protection but it’s better than nothing.

One thing you should have, if you do have anti-virus software set-up, is you should really set up a weekly scan of all of the hard disks on your machine to check for viruses cos they might get into through other methods.

And finally I just want to touch on the free anti-virus software that is out there. These are usually fairly good. I wouldn’t use them in a business environment but you could use them at home. Just be aware that, because they are free, that they utilise, they kind of mine data from you and from your browsing habits. So they know where you’re going, what sites you’re browsing and that includes even in incognito mode and so they know where you are going and they use that, they sell that onto marketers so that’s where they make their money.

So that’s it for this week. Let’s be careful out there and I will see you again next week.