#WeekendWisdom 001 Inventory

Welcome to #WeekendWisdom number 1. This will be a new weekly series of short one to two minute videos where I will be providing some advice on a particular Cyber Security topic.


The first topic that we will be discussing now will be something very fundamental, knowing what you need to protect. To have that, knowing what you need to protect, basically you need to be to have an inventory of all of your IT assets.

So there’s the obvious things like your desktops, laptops, servers. These are obvious IT assets. But also you have other hardware assets such as printers, routers, cameras, phones. These also, you need to know all about these as well. You need to have a list of all those devices too. Basically anything that is connected to your wired or wireless network. These are all pieces of hardware, they are all connected to your network, you need to know about them.

Also then you need to know about your software assets. The software that you have installed on your machines. You need to know about those so you need keep some kind of inventory of those.

And the main reason for knowing that, knowing all of these assets is you basically need to know what assets you need to keep updated, to keep backed up and to also scan to check for any malware.

And that’s basically it. You can do this manually or you can get software tools that will be able to help you with doing this. So that’s it for this week. Let’s be careful out there and we’ll see you next week.