Sextortion Scam Volume 3

sextortion scam updatedRemember the original Sextortion scam back in July? The one where they used an old password to make it look like the e-mail was plausible. This then evolved in August to add the use of partial mobile numbers. Well, it’s BAAAACKK!!!  And this time it is really, really nasty.

So it’s similar in nature to the earlier sextortion scam where it shows an old password. However this one includes a link to a “video presentation” as proof that they have a video recording of you up to fun and games while watching pornography. The recording also includes a view of the alleged pornography that you were watching. If you click on the link, it will lead to Ransomware becoming installed on your computer. This will then scramble all of your files and demand $500 ransom to unscramble them. Here is an example of the dodgy e-mail:

sextortion ransomware email

The evil doers are using multiple social engineering techniques to fool nervous and vulnerable people. This step of providing “proof” of the existence of the video evidence is really sneaky. Please don’t fall for it. Let everyone you know, hear about this. You can point them at some detailed advice in our Fifth Commandment which is part of the wildly popular Ten Commandments of Cyber Security.

If you want to find out how our simple, yet comprehensive Security Awareness training can help you spot these scams and avoid falling for them, then please send an e-mail to or call 087-436-2675 and we can let you know.

Lets be careful out there.