Cyber Security Self Assessment

Welcome to Our Cyber Security Self-Assessment Tool!

This simple questionnaire is designed to help you quickly evaluate your company's cyber security posture with just a few clicks. No technical expertise is required—just answer the questions based on your current practices and setups. By the end of this assessment, you'll gain insights into how well your business is protected against cyber threats and what measures you might consider enhancing. Remember, safeguarding your business data is crucial, and this tool is a great first step towards strengthening your defences. Let’s get started and see how secure your business is!

1. Do you have an IT asset inventory list?

I have a list of hardware
I have a list of software
I have a list of both hardware and software

2. How do you handle passwords?

I have one password for everything
I re-use some passwords on different accounts
I have unique passwords for every account
I use a password manager

3. Do you use multi-factor authentication on the following accounts?

Yes No N/A ... Email

Yes No N/A ... Banking

Yes No N/A ... Shopping

Yes No N/A ... Social Media

Yes No N/A ... Accounting system

Yes No N/A ... CRM system

4. Have you and your staff had cyber security awareness training?

Yes, but more than 24 months ago
Yes, more than 12 months ago
Yes, in the last year

5. Do you have backups?

NOTE: online=in the cloud, offline=on an external hard disk

I rely on whatever my cloud provider offers
I have one backup copy setup, either online or offline
I have two backup copies available, both online and offline

6. Do you or your IT support check and apply software updates on the following:

Yes No N/A ... Windows/Mac computers

Yes No N/A ... Printers

Yes No N/A ... Routers and Switches

Yes No N/A ... Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers

Yes No N/A ... Firewalls

Yes No N/A ... Website CMS (e.g., WordPress)

7. Do you have an incident response plan?

Yes, but it hasn't been reviewed/tested in more than 24 months
Yes, but it hasn't been reviewed/tested in more than 12 months
Yes and it was reviewed/tested in the last year