L2 Cyber Security Solutions Academy for Cyber Security and Data Protection courses

l2 cyber security academy

Cyber Security Awareness Training for your team:

  • Full training provided.
  • Pre-recorded curriculum.
  • No need to step away from your schedule.
  • Training is tailored to your business.
  • Improve your organisation's protection.
  • Teach new skills to your team.
  • Time-saving modular programme.

The L2 Cyber Security Academy provides industry-backed, expert-led Cyber Security Awareness Training for your team. Serving Micro, Small, Medium (SME) businesses and Charities in Ireland, L2 Cyber Security helps to protect organisations like yours from online criminal activity.

At L2 Cyber Security Solutions, we live to the maxim #SecuritySimplified - our training is delivered in plain, simple English. We don't use scary technical jargon. Our Cyber Security Awareness Training courses are also easy to use and simple to navigate.

We know the world of work is weird right now. That’s why our Cyber Security Awareness Training works best for organisations limited on time and resources. The L2 Cyber Security Awareness  programmes are built for hybrid work environments, remote work companies, and busy office-holders, all in one.

You need your team to be knowledgeable, empowered, and assured in their choices. And, your organisation needs to stay up-to-date on the ongoing changes in tactics, techniques and procedures that the criminals employ.

We also partner with the experts at ProPrivacy who make their thorough GDPR Awareness and Compliance Training available to our clients. These are all available at the Academy.