Staff Security Awareness Training

L2 Cyber Security Solutions is delighted to be able to offer the following Staff Security Training, in an online and in-person format.

Title: Cyber Security Awareness Training for staff.

Learning objective:

The purpose of this programme is to equip the learner with the knowledge and skill to identify many various threats when using the internet and know what steps to take to protect themselves from these threats.

Content of the Staff Security Awareness Training:

There are three separate Modules in this training. Some of the content could also apply to people's home life. If they learn to be safe in the office, they can apply this at home too.

1.   Module 1 – Scams and malware

An in-depth look at the various email scams and social engineering tricks that criminals use to compromise their victims and how to avoid falling victim to them. An overview of malicious software (AKA malware) and in particular how to handle ransomware.

2.   Module 2 – Passwords, mobile and online safety

Learning simple and effective password and authentication practices. Using mobile devices securely. How to stay safe when using Social Media.

3.   Module 3 – Securing your IT and handling a cyber incident

Good practices for securing your IT assets (Backups, Updates and Wi-Fi setup). How to deal with a cyber security incident.

There will be lots of examples of the different types of scams that will target staff. There are two short videos also included to show real world examples of hacking. There will also be plenty of tips and tricks on how to be safer and more secure online, including how to be careful with Social Media.


Each module takes 60 minutes, including ample time for Questions and Answers


Staff who have no knowledge of online risks or those who wish to improve their awareness of the ever changing cyber security aspects of the online world.

Delivery format:

  • Online – Presentation, using Google Meet. 3 x 1 hour sessions either on the same day with a break in between or on separate days, to be agreed.
  • In-person – Interactive workshop over 3 hours, with a 15 minute break in the middle.

Also Included:

  • Online – A link to a softcopy of the Security Awareness Training slides will be provided during the session.
  • In-person – A printed copy of the Security Awareness Training slides will be provided.
  • Certificates of attendance if required.

Pricing (discounts available for charities and not-for-profits):

  • Online – 3 x 1 hour sessions will cost €297 for up to 30 attendees.
  • In-person – A three hour session costs €447 for up to 16 attendees. A 10% discount applies for 2 sessions booked on the same day.

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