À la carte Security Training

L2 Cyber Security Solutions is delighted to be able to offer the following À la carte Security Training, in an online and in-person format.

Title: À la carte Cyber Security Training.

Learning objective:

We can offer you tailor made training to make your staff aware of the types of threats that exist in your industry sector, and how they manifest themselves. By taking our training, your staff will be skilled to become another layer of protection against threats to your network.

Our range of topics to choose from include:

Scams and Malicious Software:

  • Catching social engineering tricks – 20 minutes
  • Spotting phishing, smishing and vishing – 40 mins
  • Overview of malicious software (AKA malware) – 20 mins
  • How to handle Ransomware – 30 mins

Protecting your online life:

  • Keeping young people safe – 20 mins
  • Staying safe on Social Media – 20 mins
  • How to handle a cyber incident – 30 mins

Best Practices:

  • Protecting online accounts (passwords and authentication) – 40 mins
  • Using mobile devices securely – 20 mins
  • Securing the office or home (including work-from-home environment) – 20 mins
  • How to implement a proper backup strategy – 20 mins
  • Why are updates/patches so important – 20 mins


The duration for each topic is listed above, which includes time for Questions and Answers.


Staff who have no knowledge of online risks or those who wish to improve their awareness of the ever changing cyber security aspects of the online world.

Delivery Format:

  • Online – Presentation, using Google Meet (or your own online platform of choice).
  • In-person – Interactive workshop over the selected duration.

Also Included:

  • A link to a softcopy of any slides will be provided during the session.
  • Link to additional free resources would be included too.
  • Certificates of attendance if required.


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