Board/Management Security Briefing

L2 Cyber Security Solutions is delighted to be able to offer the following Board/Management Briefing, in an online and in-person format.

Title: Cyber Security Briefing for Boards or Management.

Briefing Objective:

The purpose of this programme is to equip the members of the board/management with the knowledge of the current cyber security threats that target their organisation’s activities and know what strategy they should take to protect the organisation.

Content of the Board/Management Briefing:

  • Overview of current global cyber threats
  • An introduction to the specific risks faced by the organisation
  • Outline a remediation strategy for the organisation


The briefing will take 40-50 minutes. There will then be plenty of time for Questions and Answers.

Delivery Format:

  • Online – Presentation, using Google Meet (or your own online platform of choice).
  • In-person – Interactive workshop over the selected duration.

Also Included:

  • A link to a softcopy of any slides will be provided during the session.
  • Link to additional free resources would be included too.
  • Certificates of attendance if required.


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