À la carte Data Protection Training

L2 Cyber Security Solutions is delighted to be able to offer the following À la carte Data Protection Training, in an online and in-person format.

Title: À la carte Data Protection Training.

Learning objective:

The purpose of this programme is to equip the learner with the knowledge and skill to identify their organisation’s obligations to protect the personal data of the individuals that they work for and with.

Our range of topics to choose from include:

The basics:

  • What is Personal Data and what do we mean by processing
  • Comprehending the terminology of the GDPR
  • Do you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

The important items:

  • Interpreting the GDPR’s principles
  • Knowing the rights of the individual
  • Understanding the appropriate legal basis for processing (incl. consent)
  • Data Protection by design
  • How to identify and handle International Transfers
  • Establish what other documentation is required

Documentation and Procedures:

  • Handling Sensitive Personal Data appropriately
  • Creating a simple Data Inventory
  • Establishing a Data Protection Policy
  • What needs to be included in a right-to-be-informed document
  • Producing procedures to handle an individual’s rights
  • Knowing the kind of records you need to keep
  • Understanding Data Processing Agreements
  • When it hits the fan – using a Data Breach handling procedure
  • Securing the business with an Information Security Policy
  • When and How to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • What is a Legitimate Interest Assessment and how should you carry it out
  • What if it all goes wrong – what can the Data Protection Commission do


Each topic is approximately 20 minutes each, including time for Questions and Answers.


Staff, contractors or volunteers who have no or limited knowledge of data protection and specifically the GDPR legislation. Also organisations who need to put in place policies, procedures and records keeping for the GDPR in their business.

Delivery Format:

  • Online – Presentation, using Google Meet (or your own online platform of choice).
  • In-person – Interactive workshop over the selected duration.

Also Included:

  • A link to a softcopy of any slides will be provided during the session.
  • Link to additional free resources would be included too.
  • Certificates of attendance if required.


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