COVID-19 Security Awareness Training

L2 Cyber Security Solutions is delighted to be able to offer the following COVID19 Security Awareness Training, in an online format.

Title: Cyber scams and security tips for small businesses/organisations during the COVID19 crisis.

Learning objective

Attendees will understand how the cyber criminals are leveraging the COVID19 crisis to compromise people. They will also know what steps to take to protect their home network and set-up secure Zoom conferences.

Content of the COVID19 Security Awareness Training:

This one hour training session will cover the following:

1.   COVID19 Crisis scams

Criminals are using the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding the COVID19 crisis to exploit people. They can persuade them to click links that will end up compromising their devices. We cover off what to look for and how to protect against them.

2.   Remote working risks

With employees now working in a different environment, they may be manipulated into opening files, which are actually malicious in nature. Some examples will be shown in order to know what to look out for.

3.   Securing Zoom meetings

Zoom has become incredibly popular for video conferencing and team meetings. However there is now a phenomenon called Zoom-Bombing. This is where strangers break into conferences and cause disruption and embarrassment. Learn how to secure your Zoom meetings appropriately.

4.   Protecting the Work From Home environment

The COVID19 crisis and the government response came at people very quickly. They may have rushed a working from home solution with their employees. Here we cover what steps should be taken to properly address security and GDPR considerations with the employees home working environment.


60 minutes, including ample time for Questions and Answers


Organisations that had to switch to remote working for the first time, in a rush. Also those that are relying on Zoom for day-to-day operations.

Delivery Format:

Presentation, using Google Meet. .

Also Included:

  • A link to a softcopy of the COVID19 Security Awareness Training slides will be provided during the session.
  • Certificates of attendance if required.

Pricing (discounts available for charities and not-for-profits):

A one-hour in-person session like this normally costs €149. For the duration of the COVID19 crisis, this will be available online for €99 for up to 30 attendees.

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